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What is Personal branding?

I’ve been writing for a number of years on Personal Branding. Personal Branding is a strategy that works for almost any business. Here’s my article on it.

4 Universal Rules to Become Famous in Your Field
In a world where competition is fierce, the climb to the top is challenging. To become recognized as a leader in small business you need a strategy that attracts followers. Personal Branding is a low cost, sure bet marketing strategy.

Rule #1 – Nothing Is Sold Until It Is Branded. Branding is “pre-selling.” We’ve moved from a selling world to a buying world. Nobody wants to be sold anything, but they do want to buy. Buyers want to investigate, educate themselves and buy the product or services they discover themselves. The good news is, if you don’t like selling, this is a perfect strategy for you because buyers show up at your door pre-sold.

Rule #2– Visibility is More Important than Ability.A chilling thought, huh? Visibility builds trust, and all sales are built on trust. As human beings, we have a few ways to judge people and products. One way is if we see it everywhere, we start to believe it is trustworthy. So, if you want to be a celebrity in your field, get visible. Speaking and networking are two good tactics.

Rule #3 – Perception is Reality. In the quest to become a celebrity in your field, you must manage perception or it will manage you. So, start with the image you project. Do you exude confidence? Do you stand out in a crowd? Are you gregarious or at least have a character that is interesting? Avoid the sin of being too reserved which is perceived as mousy and insecure, which is death to celebrity. People think in stereotypes. People think and buy with their eyes. They hear what they see. Watch your visual clues to trigger the right stereotypes.

Rule #4 – People Trust People They Like. In the western psyche “like” and “trust” and inextricably linked. We have a difficult time trusting someone we don’t like and we trust someone we do like. Buyers always prefer to do business with a person, not a company. Logic always loses out to emotion and people find confidence very attractive. People buy and will pay more for the way you make them feel, so make them feel good. 

Following these rules will help to build your business faster!

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