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Are You looking for Cape Town SEO assistance to rank your website at the top of Google?

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SEO Cape Town

If you’re using the abbreviation SEO, then you know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Now stay with me:

Search Engine Optimization is an art that we as SEO Cape Town specialists use to optimize your website & get it to the top of search engines like Google for whatever word you want to rank for and make money from it.

SEO is made up of two parts: OptimizationAuthority where

Optimization, commonly referred to as On-Page SEO, is The work done on your webpage/website to let Google know what you want to rank for.


Authority being the links, understood by Google as ‘votes’ that your site receives from other websites related to yours.

So if you are a business offering a product or service in Cape Town and want to be found at the top of Google when someone searches for [your service] + Cape Town, you will use Cape Town SEO help to get it there.

SEO Services Cape Town

The SEO Services Cape Town Company Offers The Following…

SEO Company Service Cape Town

Web server analysis & reporting

Keyphrase research

Predictive Keyword Analysis

Meta tags ( Title & Description )

Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls

Creation & Registrations of sitemap.xml

Google+ business profile setup/optimization

Mobile Site Optimization ( If Applicable )

Information architecture audit

Google Analytics setup w/ conversion tracking

Google Analytics traffic analysis

Local search optimization

Alternate text added to images

Link Redirect Audit

Custom 404 error page setup

Rel=“publisher” implementation

Initial SEO copywriting articles or blog posts

Initial link analysis & disavow

Online project management schedule

Ongoing monthly keyword reporting

Ongoing Monthly traffic & goal reporting

Canonicalization analysis

Competitor intelligence report

Internal linking restrucuring

Linkable content promotion

Header Tags Optimized ( Ex. H1’s )

Duplicate content analysis

Social media monitoring software

Keyword rank checker access ( Updates Weekly )

Website usability analysis

Universal SEO ( Video, Maps, Images, News )

Creation of text navigation ( if possible )

Web lead phone calls tracked per month

Website design analysis

Searcher experience analysis ( long-clicks, pogo-sticking, bounce rate etc )

Website conversion analysis implementation

Following Our SEO Company Cape Town Checklist Above Is Advisable.

What Can You Expect From Our SEO Services Cape Town Company?

Google SEO

Google SEO

YouTube SEO

Youtube SEO

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing (Maps) SEO

Google Maps SEO

SEO Company Cape Town

Why your local Business will do well to work with our SEO Company Cape Town Consultants

♣ Our Cape Town SEO Company is transparent with our explanation of the seo process, so much so that you can take our proposal and do it yourself

Technical SEO Audit

♣ We start with your site’s technical seo audit to identify any areas of quick wins. Then we research the best keywords to target clients looking to spend

♥ We can guarantee that your website will achieve page 1 ranking on Google

♦ We have proof of our experience at improving local search engine results

♠ We share ALL the necessary changes we will need to make & ask permission to implement before proceeding

♣ We measure the success of the SEO Campaign NOT by keyword rankings but by monthly Traffic Increase, Generated Leads & a Sales Boost

♥ We make contact with you using your preferred method of communication once a week for updates

♦ We are transparent with our SEO packages & prices which you can find on

♠ If we are to part ways after goals have been achieved, you will maintain ownership of all content paid for & provided by us

♣ We are NOT the cheapest SEO agency promising fast results with a money-back guarantee, BUT we have a great track record of quadrupling traffic by improving clicks to your website

♥ We post SEO ready blogs & articles for you on a monthly basis

On Page SEO

♦ We will optimize previous posts during our site audit to spot the missing qualities

♠ We integrate SEO with your current marketing efforts

♣ We DON’T require you to put a link on your website back to ours.

♥ We Turn up very high in search engines for important industry terms

SEO Packages


Potential Clients / Website Visitors

400 – 796


Potential Clients / Website Visitors

800 – 1196


Potential Clients / Website Visitors

1200 – 1596


Potential Clients / Website Visitors

1600 – 1996


Potential Clients / Website Visitors

2000 – 2396


Potential Clients / Website Visitors

2400 – 2796


Potential Clients / Website Visitors

2800 – 3196


Potential Clients / Website Visitors

3200 – 3596

SEO Consultant Cape Town

Hi, My name is Silas T. Nkoana & I’ll be your Cape Town SEO Consultant