Company Marketing SEO Services

In this article our Company Marketing SEO Services is going to display our Search Engine Optimization Service.

Company Marketing

Web server analysis & reporting

Common errors include having Javascript files embedded incorrectly and poor navigational structure. We will take a look at how your server is set-up and make changes as necessary.

Keyphrase research

Great keyphrase research is the solid foundation of any SEO campaign. We will analyze keywords to determine what phrases will convert, which phrases will drive traffic, and which will do both.

Predictive Keyword Analysis

In addition to our own keyword research using tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, we will analyze your keywords using our proprietary predictive keyword analysis tool to estimate the amount of traffic/leads/sales that can be gained by improving each keywords position.

Meta tags ( Title & Description )

Meta tags tell the search engines what your site is about. It also shows up to viewers when they do a search in Google. You want this written well from both a search engine and a user perspective. It is important these tags incorporate keywords but also compel users to click.

Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls

The robots.txt file allows the search engine “robots” to know those folders that should not be included in their index (i.e. pages that are not for users to see).

Creation & Registrations of sitemap.xml

Shows the search engines every page on your site, the importance of these pages, and how often they’re updated.

Google+ business profile setup/optimization

The Google+ social network influences Google’s search results. Thus, Silas DotCo DoZa will setup and/or enhance your Google+ business profile.

Mobile Site Optimization ( If Applicable )

If you have a separate mobile site, we will optimize it for the search engines as well.

Information architecture audit

We will make sure your navigational structure is SEO friendly and that your internal linking maximizes your SEO capabilities.

Google Analytics setup w/ conversion tracking

If you don’t have Google Analytics installed already, we’ll do this for you. We’ll also set up new goals (filling out a form, calling a phone number, etc) based on what your individual goals are.

Marketing SEO

Google Analytics traffic analysis

We’ll perform a full analysis of where your traffic is coming from, where they went on your site and from which pages they left.

Local search optimization

We’ll create, claim and optimize your Google Places page so your local listing returns higher in the map results.

Alternate text added to images

Google can’t read images, they can only read text. We’ll add text to the image properties so Google gets a clear snapshot of what your site is about.

Link Redirect Audit

We’ll fix any links coming into your site on unknown pages and set up appropriate 301 (permanent) redirects.

Custom 404 error page setup

A custom 404 error page will tell search engines and users where to go if they type in the wrong page.

Rel=“publisher” implementation

hCard formats help local search engines find your address, phone numbers and other general business information and allows your business to display prominently in map listings.

Initial SEO copywriting articles or blog posts

Silas DotCo DotZa’s skilled SEO copywriters craft your content to professionally market your business while incorporating keywords at the correct keyword density for the most successful search engine ranking results.

Initial link analysis & disavow

Online project management schedule

Our online project management system clearly outlines all deliverables and due dates so the project is kept on track at all times.

Ongoing monthly keyword reporting

Every month is a new strategy. We’ll show you where your keywords are ranking and our plan to move them up in the SERPs.

Ongoing Monthly traffic & goal reporting

Driving traffic is one thing, focusing on keywords that convert is another. We’ll set up goals (fill out a form, purchase an item, call a number, etc) and track the progress of your campaign based on these goals.

SEO Services

Canonicalization analysis

A domain should be directed to even if,, or is typed in. A canonical domain issue causes duplicate content, a huge no-no in Google’s eyes.

Competitor intelligence report

We’ll research those in your industry to gain link sources, produce unique content and strategize on how to gain the maximum visibility in your industry.

Internal linking restrucuring

Outside links are helpful, but your internal linking structure is also important for SEO. We’ll incorporate an internal linking structure ensuring all pages create an internal ‘web’ to help increase your SEO.

Linkable content promotion

Having great content that people will naturally link to is one thing, actually getting the word out about that content is another. We’ll promote your content so the links start coming in naturally.

Header Tags Optimized ( Ex. H1’s )

An h1 tag is like the title of a book, and should be written to include appropriate keywords. Header tags should be in order and not deviate from an order that sequentially makes sense.

Duplicate content analysis

Content on a site should always be unique. We’ll analyze any duplicate content and correct any issues found.

Social media monitoring software

What are people saying about your brand? Log in and see at any time what visitors are saying in the social media world.

Keyword rank checker access ( Updates Weekly )

Log in and see where your keywords are ranking at any time.

Website usability analysis

Is your site set up for optimal conversions? Once people arrive at your site, is it easy to navigate? We’ll give you an analysis of your site’s usability.

Universal SEO ( Video, Maps, Images, News )

Shopping results, video results, image results and news are working their way into Google’s search results. We’ll optimize your videos, maps, images and news to show up organically.

Creation of text navigation ( if possible )

Not all links are created equal. Some of the most powerful links are created from outreaching to authority websites and online influencers, and we’ll produce compelling content and contact influencers to share the content to drive traffic and valuable links to your site.

Web lead phone calls tracked per month

Tracking only online conversions can miss out on those that wish to call instead of fill out a form. Our call tracking will allow integration directly with Google Analytics, allowing for simple reporting.

Website design analysis

Is your purple background with yellow text distracting to visitors? We’ll give you ideas on how to increase conversions through great design.

Searcher experience analysis ( long-clicks, pogo-sticking, bounce rate etc )

Search engines use the user experience of web searchers to determine which web pages to rank in the highest SERP positions.

Website conversion analysis implementation

Our talented web development team will implement conversion strategies to help maximize the visitors that are currently coming to your site.