Silas T Nkoana

Dear Mr / Ms

I am currently working on my own portfolio of websites, YouTube & Vimeo videos as well as social media accounts, where I enjoy honing my skills in developing effective search engine & conversion rate optimization campaigns based on thorough research, analysis and creative-problem solving. I now feel ready for the next challenge in my digital marketing career.

My strengths lie in the ability to find solutions and think outside the box, communicate my skills effectively, adhere to strict deadlines and juggle multiple projects by prioritizing. I have great attention to detail and accuracy when gathering data, conducting analysis and preparing reports.

When it comes to digital marketing, I employ a multi-prolonged approach that involves methods including competitor analysis, keyword research, content creation and link building.

These strategies have enabled me to develop effective digital & social media marketing campaigns for local businesses, niche sites, affiliate websites, Youtube and Vimeo videos to increase organic traffic by improving search engine ranking to boost revenue.

I possess the confidence required to give regular presentations in boardroom settings. I am comfortable conveying technical information to clients in a simple and informative manner and I work well with others in an office environment.

Importantly, I keep myself up-to date with the fast moving digital marketing landscape, particularly technological and search engine trends, the changing algorithms and ranking factors. I understand the importance of always staying one step ahead in this dynamic and ever – changing field.

You will find my resume attached and I look forward to discussing the position of Digital Marketing Consultant at your company with you further.

Yours Sincerely

Silas T Nkoana

Silas T Nkoana
Silas T Nkoana

Silas Thabang Nkoana

Brandwag Street





Professional Profile

Silas T Nkoana is an Experienced on-page & off-page Marketing Consultant in developing digital and social media marketing campaigns, analytics, search engine rankings & monitoring, keyword research, website auditing and link building, with a passion for optimizing sites to achieve business goals ( Generate Traffic, Improve Revenue ) and a talent for boosting organic search engine rankings using a creative approach and thorough research & analysis.


Digital Marketing – 12 Years

Affiliate Marketing – 12 Years

Social Media Marketing – 4 Years

Email Marketing – 4 Years


Domain Investor

Privately Held

2008 – Present


12 July 2017 – 26 December 2017 ( Client )

17 July 2017 – Present

27 October 2016 – February 2018

1 December 2014 – July 2018

12 February 2016 – Present

11 March 2011 – December 2013


Tupperware Specials August 2016

Tupperware Monthly Specials

Google Maps

Company Marketing


Marketing Company

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marketing companies in johannesburg

Midrand Locksmith HQ

locksmith near me


Pretoria Fridge Repairs


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  • Website Audit – Title, Meta Description, Keyword Density, Image Alt Tag, Internal Link, External Link, Page Keyword Suggestions, Number Of Back-linking Websites
  • Keyword and content research using a suite of tools.
  • Develop content strategies in collaboration with Content Strategists (Virtual Assistants).
  • Comprehensively research and analyse competitor sites and search results pages.
  • Produce and implement back link strategies with third party web site owners.
  • Internal link optimisation.
  • SEO technical analysis and evaluation.
  • Identify issues surrounding user experience, search engine accessibility, and information architecture


Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University



Durban July

  • Main Keyword Ranking ( Durban July ) in less than 4 months on the first page of Google
  • Multiple First Page Ranking ( …Results, …Dates, …2018 ) in less than 4 months
  • Using ONLY On-Page SEO “Durban Holiday Packages 2018” ranked on Page 2 On the first day of publishing.
  • SOLD

Swift Mobile Spy

  • Increased sales from 2 Average Purchases per month through the website to 12 purchases per month in 2 months
  • Increased NEW sales month on month as evidenced in month 3 at 16 sales


  • Ability to identify a brand-able domain name
  • Bought New, Ranked For monthly Catalogue Updates ( Tupperware Specials {Month} 2016 ) On Page 1, Number 2 And For Tupperware At Number 7 & SOLD to Tupperware South Africa’s Legal Representatives
  • Ranked For Tupperware Specials on Page 1, Number 1 For 3 Days Which lead to the recognition of the Website by Tupperware South Africa.


  • Ability to identify a brand-able domain name 
  • Bought New, and SOLD on
  • Still own exact match social media accounts


  • Ability to identify a brand-able domain name
  • Bought New, and approached privately and SOLD

Silas South Africa

  • Obtained Top 3 spots For Both Pretoria & Johannesburg Listings Immediately after confirming location with google postcard and remained in top 3 ever since.



Finding a Profitable Niche for your blog using 3 easy steps via Market Samurai…

16 March 2013

Using Market Samurai keyword research tool to find a non competitive key phrase to rank on the first page of google in 8 weeks or less.


When I chose Company Marketing SEO Pretoria as my eCommerce businesses Pretoria SEO Marketing Company, I started getting leads & closing sales in the first month.

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